Our Biggest Update Ever: 10 Top Features for Easier Employee Engagement

Stuart Sinclair - October 24, 2017

Our all-in-one employee communication tool just got ten times better! We’ve added new features and streamlined our app to make Talkfreely V2 even more simple and effective to use. With just one app, you can quickly build a robust culture of employee engagement that everyone wants to be part of.

Our biggest update ever: 10 top features for easier engagement 

Better, faster, easier: our 10 top new features

From customisable home pages to lightening-fast Pulse surveys, you’ll find everything you need to do just got easier, faster and more streamlined. 

1 SMARTER! Customisable Home Page

Get employees involved from the moment they log on, with at a glance details on what’s happening; the latest news, messages, challenges, surveys, and recognition. 

2 NEW! Feature-Rich Pages

Build media-rich, diverse pages for any group, event, project, department or training needs. Add anything you like - video, text, images, audio, for a richer user experience on any device including mobiles. 

3 NEW! Pulse Surveys

Take your business’s Pulse on anything, from happiness index to satisfaction ratings, for a real-time employee engagement measure. Build data into a comprehensive health check report to spot trends and patterns. 

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4 BETTER! Dedicated News Feeds

The news that your employees want to hear, organised the way they want it. Create news feed for company, department, social events and more. 

5 FASTER! Precision Polls

Build Polls faster than every before, to get the feedback you need more quickly. Send to any size group, from 1 to 1000+, and use template reports to analyse the results in real time. 

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6 IMPROVED! Instant Recognition

Saying thank-you have never been so easy. Promote a culture of appreciation through peer-2-peer recognition. 

7 BIGGER! Internal Messaging

Message anyone, anytime, anywhere from within the app. Talkfreely has the reach, power and capabilities of dedicated messaging apps built in, so you save time and money. 

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8 SECURE! Unique Log-in Codes

Signing in with company emails is so last year. Create unique log-in codes for every user for much higher levels of security, keeping company information and activity confidential. 

9 INTERACTIVE! Respond to Customer Reviews

Post customer reviews as they come in, and enable employees to respond quickly and effectively. 

10 And There’s More…

We’ve improved lots of back-end stuff in our app that’s way too geeky to go into details about. All those hours of graft for us adds up to a simpler, flexible and affordable employee engagement app that does everything you need, more easily than ever before.

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