Corporate Intranet or Communications App? How to Assess Your Company’s Requirements

Stuart Sinclair - September 9, 2016

No business is static

Customers, staff, markets, products all change over time, and even last year’s communications solution can seem like today’s major headache. So, how do you know it’s time to review your communications and information flow, and which solutions might be most appropriate?

In a blog for Elcom, Australian businesswoman Kim Jones outlined the reasons why she and her colleagues decided they needed an intranet system - and quickly. These included:

  • Taking on more employees

  • Higher staff turnover

  • More remote workers and offsite 3rd party contractors

  • Difficulty accessing shareable documents

  • Lack of secure access

  • Too many emails

The effect of all these combined was lower overall productivity, even though the company was expanding.

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Jones and her team then drew up a list of criteria that an intranet solution would need to tick, including:

  • Compatibility

  • Security

  • Management

  • Flexibility

  • Nimbleness

  • Maintenance

The three criteria that caught our eye were:


As Jones explained:

“We had employees who worked from home, remote areas and often from offices around the world. In addition, there were third parties contracted who also required access to specific information while not being able to access other information. A reliable intranet needs to be able to deal intelligently with these permutations and permissions and also have an ability to modify those permissions … within an urgent time frame.”

Perhaps the crucial part of her requirement was the ability to modify permissions quickly; after all, even a short delay could result in significant data compromise.

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We love this phrase, which Jones defines as

“Response to changes in real time, responding appropriately to requests by management or external sources.”

A nimble solution enables things to happen as and when required, not when IT have time to get around to it…


“Maintenance ensures that the architecture and quality of information is not compromised.”

Jones’ example is of the temptation for individual departments to start building their own silos of knowledge or documents, maintenance reviews usage and prevents fragmentation, Jones suggests.

Does my business need an intranet?

Jones decided her business needed an intranet. She may have equally decided that she needed a communications app and a dedicated repository for important documents. Indeed, she may have opted for a solution that combines the best of all three - intranet, secure document area and communications app for information dissemination.

That’s what we have designed Talkfreely to be, one app that gives employees the information and tools they need to be efficient and effective wherever they are based, without compromise on security or compatibility issues between devices.

More importantly, Talkfreely gives employees the capability and framework to collaborate on tasks, to communicate in real time without the need for endless cc’d emails, so they can be more effective in reaching company goals. It’s an solution for an agile 21st century company with smartphone savvy employees and a workforce that’s out and about, and without the need for additional hardware, security protocols or concerns over data compatibility.

So, if you’re trying to decide between a new intranet or a new communications solution, get the best of both with Talkfreely, Check out our demo, or call us for more details or read more about the case for an internal comms app here.

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