Employee Engagement: Four Crucial Components for Success

Stuart Sinclair - August 7, 2017

To many traditional businesses, employee engagement is a number, a score devised from their employee engagement surveys.

To the forward-thinking business, employee engagement is an opportunity to help their people explore their potential, and to contribute to the success of the business. 

What is employee engagement?

Ultimately, employee engagement is a series of initiatives and processes that combine to help businesses and their staff work better, together. Successful employee engagement systems should include these four components:

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Employee Recognition
  • Customer Reviews

Equally, the four components can be viewed as benefits in their own right, which is why a strong employee engagement strategy can be so fulfilling!

#1 - Innovation

Innovation doesn’t come from thin air, it comes from your employees. Employee-driven innovation is a combination of inspiration and experience, the fusion of first-hand knowledge of how things are currently done, and ideas of how to do things better.

However, in the busy workplace, it’s difficult for innovation to thrive without help and encouragement. Your employee engagement strategy should include a way to encourage and manage ideas, such that they are encouraged, recognised, assessed and, most importantly, acted up.

A comprehensive employee engagement app such as Talkfreely will provide your business with the tools to put employee innovation at the heart of every working day.

Focused Challenges

Sometimes, it’s easier to start with what’s not quite right and work out how to improve it. Challenges allow you to focus all minds, or just a few select individuals, on a very real issue or business goal. By creating scheduled challenges, you can keep up the flow of new opportunities to participate. You can target specific user groups as required, if a particular skill-set is required, or open them up to the whole organisation to tap into the wisdom of the crowd.

Idea Management

Managing all those new business ideas can be quite a challenge in itself. Effective ideas management tools enable you not just to to capture ideas, but to invite all the organisation to rate them, discuss them, develop and refine them through a defined life cycle. Once an idea has been actioned, the system should also allow everyone to track it, from first submission to final implementation.

A failure to innovate can hinder the success of any organisation. That’s why we  created our own innovation white paper – to help you flourish in an  ever-changing economic climate.

#2 - Collaboration

One of the major benefits of a transparent innovation process is the natural formation of virtual groups that never might have formed otherwise. Initial interaction in the virtual space between employees encourages them to work with new colleagues on projects. A fully-functioned collaboration app such as Talkfreely will encourage employees to form these groups, and enable management to follow and support any group activity.

#3 - Employee Recognition

We all enjoy being recognised for our input and achievements, from that gold star on our homework to the Likes on our social media posts.

What’s more, it’s often the Like or comment from someone you least expected to respond, that gives the most pleasure. That’s why peer to peer recognition is so powerful, enabling your employees to be supported and encouraged by their colleagues as well as management.

#4 - Customer Reviews

Employee engagement is actually at its most powerful when it reaches beyond the business and out to your customers. Engaged employees are amazing advocates for your business, happy to ‘spread the word’ on your products, services and business ethos wherever and whenever. They are therefore an incredibly valuable asset in any reputation management strategy.

The ability to import 3rd party reviews and customers direct into our app is one of the most innovative features of Talkfreely. With the reviews right in front of them within the Talkfreely app, employees can react and respond in real time from their mobile devices, if you wish. An efficient and timely respond rate will make your business stand out - it’s probably one of the reasons Facebook has a “Typically replies in…” rating on Company pages.

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