Employee Feedback: Feeling the Pulse of Your Organisation

Stuart Sinclair - July 24, 2017

Our everyday lives are filled with feedback opportunities. At every turn, we’re invited to contribute our views, opinions and our star rating. It’s almost unavoidable. HGV trailers ask “How’s my driving?”, restaurants and bars invite you to tell them “How did we do today” on cards tucked in with your bill. Every eBay purchase is swiftly followed by a request for feedback, even if you haven’t even got the goods yet!

Social media 

On social media, every reaction to information is, in effect, feedback. Facebook have recently expanded their Like button choices from a simple Like or Dislike to a range of emotions (Like, Love, Laughter, Shock, Sadness and Anger).

The fact is, we enjoy giving our opinions. Travel sites like Trip Advisor only exist because of the millions of people who voluntarily post highly detailed feedback online. Over 750,000 new reviews are posted to online review community Trust Pilot every month, with 20,000 new reviewers signing up every day.

So, why should your employees be any different? They will want to give feedback about how they feel about your business, what works for them and what they find (using the most popular word in fashion reviews), “Disappointing”.

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Feeding the need for feedback

In the digital age, employee feedback can be as brief or as detailed as you wish. Results can be collected in real time, and published as they happen, and collated into detailed reports for analysis. Whatever you’re asking, feedback can be finger-swiping fast… 


The UK May 'snap' election provided a shock result in more ways than one. The preliminary exit polls proved to be unerringly accurate, predicting an outcome that the pundits didn’t anticipate, let alone forecast. Polls can do the same for your business, providing a detailed insight into your employee’s views on a variety of topics, or just a single issue.

The key to successful polling is flexibility. Your business might want to collect anonymous data, other times to investigate the views and potential choices employees would make in a given circumstance. Unlike printed polls, digital polls delivered through an app allow you to modify and update questions as required, and add additional information in videos, images, and documents.

Talkfreely includes fully featured polling, enabling you to ask the questions you need answers to, collate the results, and publish the results quickly and easily. Within the same app, you can them implement changes influenced by the poll, and share that process, for total transparency. 

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Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys helps you judge the mood of your employees at a specific point in time. Pulse surveys allow you to ask a a simple question - “How satisfied are you at work today?“, “How engaged do you feel this week?”, even “Is the air conditioning cooling your office sufficiently in this hot weather?”.

With Talkfreely, you can set the parameters of your Pulse survey in whichever way you wish. Send the survey to everyone in the company, or a very small sub-group (like those in the hottest office!). You can configure the pulse survey time period, and set how often the survey is repeated. With real time results showing on your management dashboard, you can quickly see the results accumulating, and be able to act swiftly if required.

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Traditional large-scale surveys have always suffered from one major issue; the extensive time lag between employees participating in the survey, and the results being published.

As with polls and pulse surveys, a fully functioned survey app enables you to gather responses in real time, and start to see patterns in the results long before the final response has been received. This can be particularly important for your major employee engagement surveys, with accurate engagement scores calculated in minutes, not days.

With Talkfreely, you can create your own bespoke surveys that employees actually want to complete.

  • Customise your survey using multiple answer types, answer validation options, and add on-page and flow rules.

  • Distribute your survey to a precisely defined user group or company-wide.

  • Monitor results as they come in, and export the results to CSV or Excel.

  • Track response rates and follow up on non-responses, or keep the survey anonymous if you prefer.

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