First on My list: Global CCOs Put Digital Comms and Employee Engagement Top of Their Priorities

Stuart Sinclair - November 18, 2016

In recognition of the important of digital communication and dialogue, the chief communications officers of major organisations now put digital comms and employee engagement at the top of their priority list for the next 12-18 months.

Top of the pile

In a survey by executive search and leadership consulting firm Weber Shandwick and Spencer Stuart, 70% of CCOs surveyed put digital communication top of their list. 65% put employee engagement high on their list too, indicating, as George Jamison of Spencer Stuart said:

“The side-effect of the fact employees have a louder voice now more than ever."

Seeking out digital talent

The CCOs were also concerned about the recruitment of suitable talent for digital comms roles, as Leslie Gaines-Ross, chief reputation strategist at Weber Shandwick explained:

"Employees are one of the company’s most competitive assets as potential spokespeople who know the company inside and out. The war for talent is the biggest, most worrisome concern of leaders."

As a result, 83% of CCOs surveyed said that they expected to work closely with their HR department in the forthcoming year or more.

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Growth in employment engagement: a UK/US divide

Despite their concerns, and the high position of employee engagement on their priority scale, there were marked differences between the CCOs’ predictions for growth in the area. North American CCOs placed employee engagement as the top growth area, but EMEA CCO’s highlighted digital comms. Only 45% of ENEA CCOs thought employee engagement was a growth area over the next 18 months.

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Engaging with digital elephants

Sadly, both global CCOs and this survey are missing the elephant in the room: digital communications are an integral part of employee engagement, not separate. Communication without dialogue is just telling people what you as an organisation want them to hear. There is no guarantee they will be listening.

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Employee engagement is concerned with creating a genuine conversation with employees, empowering them to interact with their peers, their managers and their executives. Digital comms is the delivery service, not the message.

Digital comms and employee engagement fusion

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