Talkfreely - The Case for a Single App Channel

Stuart Sinclair - May 19, 2017
  • How many ways do your employees get their news? Email? Intranet? Newsletter?
  • Where can they find out information? Company manuals? Server documents? Asking the right person?
  • How many ways do they communicate with their colleagues? Text? Phone? Team meetings?


And now the big question: can they do all this if they are not physically in the office?

If yes, well done! You have a company of well-informed and connected employees

Or do you? One more question.

How many channels do they use to access all that information?

A multi-channel approach is effective only if your employees can easily access all the channels quickly and easily. So, you need to offer the easiest route to the information they require, or the best route for your information in terms of both reach and access.

Better access to information

Your employees don’t work in a vacuum (unless you’re NASA). They need access to a wide variety of people, information, resources and tools to do their job. They need access to expert advice, support, ideas, creativity and social interaction to do their job really well.

All employee communication solutions should put all that right in the palm of their hand, but many don’t. Employees often have to negotiate a myriad of channels to access what they need: secure server login, corporate communications channel, company email, social media groups. It wastes time, energy and most of all, it’s not consistent or connected. 

Channeling information direct

Talkfreely puts all the channels you need inside one easy to access app. Your employees simply log in to their feed and everything they need is right there on their mobile device screen - news, contacts, the latest from their project teams and groups. You can send them an invite to take on a challenge, surveys to help shape the company’s future, and social updates with photos and images. 

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And finally

That’s where most news-based apps stop, with the news. That just where Talkfreely starts. Talkfreely is a fully featured employee app. It empowers your employees to comment on news, give feedback, contact colleagues, write their own project update, post a video, and even give recognition to their colleagues working alongside them.

All from the same app, customised to your company’s specific requirements. 

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Customised channels within an app

Talkfreely comes ready configured with various channels that you can activate or turn off to your requirements, including:

  • News

  • Ideas and Challenges

  • Surveys, Polls and Consultations

  • Groups

  • Conversations

  • Contacts

  • Recognition and Reward 

One channel, one system, many uses

Talkfreely’s unified approach reduces the time, effort and complexity of building employee engagement across multiple channels by bringing them all together into one easy to use app. Here’s just three examples of how Talkfreely becomes your online ‘hub’ for key business activities:

  • Helping innovation happen

The Talkfreely Ideas and Challenges stream is a safe and supportive environment when new ideas can spark, develop and grow, powered by a fully featured innovation management system with reporting and analytics.

  • Pulse surveys and polls

Create snap polls, take pulse surveys, ask for feedback and analyse the results, all from within Talkfreely. Then, share the findings and what action you’re taking in light of them.

  • Contact and connect

When your employees want to contact a colleague, they just find them on Talkfreely. There’s also more details, such as what projects they are currently working on, and which special interest groups they belong to. Always up to date, always on hand, Talkfreely provides direct access and detailed insights into anyone and everyone in the company, anytime. 

Why choose the Talkfreely app as your main comm channel

If you need to connect, empower and engage employees, why use several apps when one app does the lot. The TalkFreely multi-purpose app provides a single, powerful, robust mobile communications channel that builds employee engagement. The app’s unified approach to internal communication reduces the costs and time needed to align your workforce with what really matters to your business.

There is no expensive server-based software to install, no requirement for additional hardware or security systems, and your employees can even BYOD (bring your own device).

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Talkfreely: Connecting, Empowering & Engaging Employees