Communicating during a crisis Keeping furloughed
and remote workers
more engaged

Cloud based IOS and Android apps to help you and your remote employees communicate and stay connected.

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Most business continuity plans don’t factor in an increase in furloughed or remote working employees. However, many businesses are now finding themselves in a situation where remote working is crucial to ongoing operations and retention of furloughed workers is essential to the survival of the business.

Remote working or simply being asked to stay at home brings with it huge communication challenges, especially in large organisations. Employees can feel isolated, productivity can drop and teams can become dysfunctional.

Businesses are right to be concerned.

We have the solution to help your business stay productive, remote workers more engaged and connected.

  • A single app that enables two-way communication between the company and its employees
  • Post daily updates to help employees feel involved
  • Address employee concerns about health and pay benefits
  • Encourage employees to support each other with remote peer groups and regular messaging
  • Help teams co-ordinate projects
  • Broadcast company-wide communication to reassure employees with positive news and board-level direction.

Talkfreely mobile app for furloughed workers
From £1.50 per user per month, flexible plans available.

Don't delay start communicating today

Make Talkfreely part of your business continuity toolset and keep remote workers more engaged.

Your employees are your most
valuable asset.

Now, more than ever, it’s key to cultivate an environment that encourages interaction, and instills a sense of community.

With the shift to remote working, an important step in helping to keep your team safe, the need to make sure that they remain healthy, engaged and informed is amplified. Now is the time to implement a solution that centralises communication, facilitates organic interaction, and provides you with a platform to reassure employees, to help keep morale, engagement, and productivity high.


Our solution is quick to set-up and fast to deploy. All your employees need to do is download the Talkfreely app, and login, to stay connected.

Choose a plan to suit your business

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Flexible plans and customisable modules to match your remote working needs.

Setup your portal

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Professional onboarding to help you setup your portal fast.

Invite your workforce

Step 3

Hands on support to help you get your company onboard and all employees enrolled.

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More than just crisis communications

Talkfreely is a flexible employee engagement platform used by organisations across the world to bring their people closer to the company.

Employee Engagement

Successfully engage your employees with knowledge hubs, two-way communication channels and feedback surveys.

Internal Communication

Maximise engagement across all levels of your business, connecting employees with leaders, departments and teams.

Innovation Management

Be thought driven and encourage your team to innovate with regular opportunities to consult and collaborate.