Engaging People with Powerful Apps

TalkFreely helps businesses like yours request and capture information and knowledge from specific groups of users, and process that information in whatever way you wish.

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Engage, invite, respond with TalkFreely

TalkFreely can be customised to engage groups in providing a wide variety of information, including:

  • Ideas and Suggestions
  • Survey responses
  • Product or services feedback
  • Health and Safety reporting

TalkFreely: powerful, efficient, effective

TalkFreely’s solution combines two powerful elements:

  • A customised app that engages users in providing information
  • A robust cloud-based platform to analyse and report on the data

TalkFreely the app

Our apps can be customised or tailormade to your exact business requirements, whether for managing suggestions, encouraging innovation, dealing with complaints, or simply keeping everyone informed of the latest news and developments. All apps are all cloud-based, so can be accessed anywhere, anytime through a desktop, smart phone or tablet browser.

TalkFreely the platform

Our cloud-based platform enables your business to communicate, engage and interact with a diverse range of user groups and stakeholders. Secure and robust, our platform ensures maximum security combined with ease of access, and complete independence from your own systems.

TalkFreely the company

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