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Employee experience platform
that brings your workforce together

Looking for a way to communicate and connect with your employees more effectively? Talkfreely helps you reach out across all levels of your organisation, improving engagement and enhancing the impact of your communications.

The employee engagement platform addresses many key aspects of employee engagement in the modern business. Whether you’re trying to boost employee interaction, expand your reach or improve your overall strategy, the app has the answers. Employees are encouraged to click, share and actively participate. Flexible software enables you to communicate across a range of devices, immediately and effortlessly. In-depth monitoring and reporting tools are built into the system, ready to use.

Talkfreely has all the tools you’ll need to improve engagement levels and reconnect your workforce. Let’s get started.


The big
book of employee
engagement ideas

With so many potential benefits to both employer and employee, this eBook details everything decision-makers and business leaders need to know about internal communication.

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Employee experience software designed to
improve employee engagement


Identify any weak spots in your engagement programme with integrated monitoring.



Present employees with a platform that encourages them to speak out and
be heard.



Ensure every employee receives and understands your messages, wherever
they are.



Create a positive company culture based on appreciation by celebrating successes of your employees.



Track and monitor your employee engagement levels with surveys, polls
and reporting.



Enable employees to suggest ideas and innovations that will push the
company forward.

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“The TalkFreely app has helped improve, beyond recognition, the way we communicate with our 6000 strong workforce, many of whom are hard to reach. This has become even more evident over the last few weeks in our local response to the coronavirus crisis, helping us to get critical, time-sensitive information out to staff quickly and easily wherever they are across the county.”

William Hackett
Communications & Engagement Lead,
West Sussex County Council

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Filling the gaps in your engagement strategy

If your strategy isn’t delivering the required levels of employee engagement, you need to know why. What’s needed is a systematic and evidence-based approach to the problem. Identify where the weaknesses lie and tackle them head on.


An employee engagement app with integrated monitoring tools
that give you the insights you need.


Schedule regular employee surveys, pulses and polls to improve your organisation’s listening skills.


Can’t meet with everyone in person? Broaden the dialogue to canvas views across the entire company.


Adapt this questionnaire to understand the state of your engagement programmes at a given point in time


Break down barriers and silos with an organised calendar of events to improve facetime opportunities.


Giving employees a voice that can be heard

When employees speak, are you really listening? In order to boost employee engagement, it’s vital to ensure that internal communication is a two-way conversation. When you give employees a voice, you are confirming their value to the organisation.


Provide your employees with an internal communications
platform for feedback, opinion and comment.

Company discussions

Create a social space where employees can talk about business issues and address common goals.

Employee-led innovation

Capture creative ideas by providing a platform where employees can post and discuss their suggestions.


Schedule events which give employees the opportunity for face-to-face interaction across teams and departments.

Survey and polls

Implement a variety of feedback channels to ensure everyone has a chance to speak and be heard.


Strategically connecting with every single employee

Your communications need to reach everyone at the right time. Even remote workers. Even staff on the move. Even employees who find it hard to navigate technology. In order to achieve maximum engagement levels, you need to connect with each and every one.


Talkfreely offers employees the ability to instantly engage with the organisation, wherever and whoever they are.


Remove barriers by allowing employees to connect using whichever device, app or software platform they prefer.

Real time

Immediate push notifications ensure everyone receives the same message at the
same time.


Create dedicated group conversations, direct messages to specific teams or communicate company-wide.


Provide feedback options for employees to respond to communications in real-time.


Creating meaningful commitment through recognition

Praise is a powerful motivator. When you encourage both managers and peers to recognise success, it has an instant effect on engagement levels. Without acknowledgement, company values can get forgotten and enthusiasm takes a dive.


An employee engagement app can instil a culture of recognition by encouraging employees to applaud their colleagues.


Social tools to share success stories and show appreciation between colleagues.


Celebrate achievements across teams and departments and encourage participation.

Customer reviews

Collate customer reviews and share company-wide to show recognition of excellent service.


Invite employees to contribute nominations for company awards and accolades.


Keeping track of employee engagement levels

Without an accurate picture of the impact of your internal communications, you’ll be unable to assess their success. Too often, the focus is placed on the messages themselves. It’s just as important to know who is reading them, and what action is being taken.


Talkfreely’s tools allow you to closely monitor the health of your organisation with regular, scheduled check-ups and reporting.


Introduce measures such as eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) and to Happiness Index to keep track of loyalty levels.


Adapt this questionnaire to assess the current status of your engagement programmes.

Surveys and polls

Pre-schedule regular engagement surveys, pulse surveys and polls to maintain a consistent feedback stream.


Download reports and logs for external analysis and company report preparation.


Encouraging employee participation in innovation

Innovation doesn’t just come from the management team. Successful businesses also tap into the ideas factory that is their workforce. Your employees will have many new and exciting suggestions to offer, they just need a platform on which to voice them.


An internal communications platform enables employees to put forward ideas and insights that address current business challenges.


Promote a company ethos of innovation and invention by creating social spaces to discuss suggestions.


Post specific business challenges to encourage active participation and collaboration.


Implement idea management workflows to manage the evaluation and delivery of ideas.


Celebrate success stories across the company to foster a culture of improvement.

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More than just employee engagement

Talkfreely is a flexible employee engagement platform used by organisations across the world to bring their people closer to the company.

Employee Intranet

Talkfreely’s mobile employee intranet platform allows you to reach your employees wherever they are.

Internal Communication

Maximise engagement across all levels of your business, connecting employees with leaders, departments and teams.

Innovation Management

Be thought driven and encourage your team to innovate with regular opportunities to consult and collaborate.

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