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Internal communication software
to reach & engage every employee

Discover a new way to communicate with your employees and maximise engagement. Talkfreely reaches effortlessly across all levels of your business, connecting employees with leaders, departments and teams.

The app addresses the challenges faced in today’s business environment and meets them head on. Struggling to connect with remote workers? Talkfreely will reach even the most inaccessible members of your workforce. Wondering how to give employees a voice? The app actively encourages participation and interaction. Worried about communicating a major change? Strategic tools will help you keep your workforce informed and motivated throughout.

Talkfreely offers the definitive answer for the modern workforce; a software solution that helps you to communicate, connect and engage.


everything you
need to know.

With so many potential benefits to both employer and employee, this eBook details everything decision-makers and business leaders need to know about internal communication.

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We understand the communication challenges
faced by today’s modern businesses.

Getting the basics right

Ensure that your team are all working towards a shared goal with a range of communication channels.


Reaching remote workers

Reach your entire team no matter where they are, whether they’re in the office, working remotely, or on the go.


Giving employees a voice

Provide your workforce with a platform that encourages employee feedback and enables genuine interaction.


Managing channels and audiences

Support internal communications teams by providing channels for different audiences and tools to manage them.


Effectively communicating change

Keep your workforce informed and engaged with upcoming changes and project progressions.


Supporting line managers

Better support for your line managers with tools that aid communication and people management.


“The TalkFreely app has helped improve, beyond recognition, the way we communicate with our 6000 strong workforce, many of whom are hard to reach. This has become even more evident over the last few weeks in our local response to the coronavirus crisis, helping us to get critical, time-sensitive information out to staff quickly and easily wherever they are across the county.”

William Hackett
Communications & Engagement Lead,
West Sussex County Council

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Getting the basics of
internal communication right.

Communicating key information and sharing knowledge that influences the direction of a company is key to a unified workforce. Without regular updates and interaction, a team can easily lose sight of a shared target.


An internal communications platform that ensures your team are all working towards the same goal.


Share key information with your employees through dedicated newsfeeds and communication channels.


Invite employees to comment and share insights within a closed secure environment.


Foster open two-way communication through a range of channels, to promote unity


Publicly recognise successes on a shared space and encourage colleagues to do the same


Reaching geographically spread
teams and remote workers.

Modern workforces increasingly incorporate a diverse range of employees, from multi-site and remote workers to contractors. This geographical spread poses a communication challenge and calls for a solution beyond the restrictions of a traditional office environment.


An internal communications platform that puts your workplace in the pockets of your people.


Ensure communication remains relevant by showing content based on the groups and posts people follow.

Communication Hub

Create a knowledge space for your employees with an intranet that works across a range of devices.


Increase employee interactions by using email and the power of push notifications that instantly inform.

Social Features

Keep your people engaged with interactive communications that encourage comments, likes and more


Giving employees a voice and
listening to that voice

Employee voice and representation are critical indicators of an employee’s quality of work, wellbeing and sense of worth. Yet, creating opportunities where employees feel able to communicate their views or consult on decisions is often difficult.


Talkfreely provides your team with an internal communications platform that encourages feedback and promotes interaction.


Improve productivity and quality by asking your workforce to contribute their ideas and thoughts to different challenges.


Capture and analyse employee engagement levels with complex or short surveys in anonymised or named form.


Maintain a sense of the underlying mood of your organisation by tracking changes in the eNPS or happiness index scores.

Employee Directory

Give everyone in your organisation an online presence and allow them to connect with people and expertise quickly and easily.


Managing different channels
and audiences

Internal communications teams manage a range of activities, from maintaining everyday communications, to conveying senior leadership’s strategic plans. Essentially, they are charged with successfully communicating strategic and operational activities in a way that makes sense to employees.


Talkfreely supports practitioners by providing channels for different audiences, alongside simple tools to manage them.

System Configuration

Simplify onboarding and quickly control, manage and organise the user’s experience with easily understood tools.


Reinforce your brand identity with your own colour palette, name or even a fully customised app.

Publication Features

Create a dynamic mix of channels, that enables multiple users to schedule, contribute and moderate content.


Help employees find relevant information with an intuitive home page that automatically gathers user specific content.


Effectively communicating
organisational change

Change, in its various forms, is a constant communication challenge. Employees often feel ‘out of the loop’ on new projects or infrastructures, creating unease and hostility towards the prospect of change.


An internal communications platform ensures that employees remain informed and understand the rationale behind a project.

Communication Hub

Share knowledge and information across silos by using communal spaces as an easy to access resource.


Create a persistent buzz for a programme with a series of events aimed at engaging different groups of employees.


Identify resistant and receptive groups by analysing the spread of communication through the organisation.


Create a dedicated project news channel to share progress updates and keep employees engaged.


Supporting line managers

Middle and frontline management are often seen as the weak link in the communication hierarchy. They are entrusted with conveying key strategies to the employees on the shop floor, with often little to no formal training on how to effectively manage and communicate with a team.


Talkfreely’s tools provide managers with a platform to share key information on, as well as a way to track employees.


Improve understanding of initiatives by creating middle and frontline management support groups.


Use data to show managers how their team’s attitudes and behaviours stack up.

Rich Media

Promote better internal communication with the use of video to support their communication skills.

Tiered Users

Help managers find the time and confidence for communication, by giving them greater platform control.

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Everything you need to know about internal communication

With so many potential benefits to both employer and employee, our brand-new eBook details everything decision-makers and business leaders need to know about internal communication.

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More than just internal communications

Talkfreely is a flexible employee engagement platform used by organisations across the world to bring their people closer to the company.

Employee Intranet

Talkfreely’s mobile employee intranet platform allows you to reach your employees wherever they are.

Employee engagement

Successfully engage your employees with knowledge hubs, two-way communication channels and feedback surveys.

Innovation Management

Be thought driven and encourage your team to innovate with regular opportunities to consult and collaborate.

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