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If you have a large workforce of office and non-desk workers, an employee app is the most reliable way to connect with everyone, wherever they are, whenever you need to.

News & videos

Deliver relevant and engaging communications


Group messaging

Reach staff with important updates and notifications


Employee feedback

Capture employee feedback and give staff a voice.


Company discussions

Encourage staff to participate in company-wide discussions.


Knowledge library

Build a single, searchable, resource for all employees.



Create a culture where staff share ideas and practises.


API & integrations

Make employee services, accessible to all staff.


Analytics & reporting

Improve onboarding, participation & engagement.



Share news, updates and videos with the right people

Businesses often struggle to get their messages out to workers in a clear and understandable format and in a format suited to field workers.


With an employee app, large businesses can target specific employee groups with tailored content and measure how that content is received.

Create great content

Securely upload videos, pictures and other files and create engaging content.

Target specific
employee groups

Create dedicated news channels for target groups.

Pre-schedule news

Plan your comms and pre-schedule news articles for sending.

Track engagement levels

See how many users have viewed the summary or read the full article.


Reach all staff with important updates and notifications

Businesses often struggle to deliver relevant and timely communications purely because they are unable to segment their workforce database.


With push notifications and in-app acknowledgement requests, businesses can send important updates and know exactly who's received and read the update. This makes an employee app a hugely valuable tool for businesses that have large difficult to reach workforces, especially during times of crisis.

App notifications

Recipients receive push notification on their phone when messages are received.

Crisis communication

Sometimes you need to message staff no matter when or where and on personal or business devices.


With acknowledgements you can ensure that staff have received your messages.

Measure reach

Find out in real-time, how many employees have received your messages and most importantly who's read them.


Capturing employee feedback and give staff a voice

Employee feedback can be hugely valuable in shaping business strategy, but gathering opinion and stimulating engagement is often a challenge.


The Talkfreely employee app has four key modules to help you create a robust feedback strategy.


Target specific groups with surveys to help you understand how your employees feel.


Simple polls can be set for groups of users and is a fast and effective way of capturing feedback.


Monitor your eNPS score and keep track of engagement levels across your organisation.


Create a culture of recognition and appreciation. Help employees to celebrate success and say thank you.


Encourage staff to participate in company-wide discussions

Creating a social space where employees will actively participate is often an challenge and social spaces are typically ignored.


Keep your business vision front of mind and cultivate commitment to common goals with social spaces that encourage all employees to be a part of the conversation.

Team discussions

Facilitate team discussions with social spaces which all employees can access.

Big conversations

Engage employees in the business with company wide conversations; find out what staff really think.

Share pictures,
videos & links

Securely share, video content, links and images.

Get Social

Encourage social interaction with familiar social tools - likes, follows, mentions, comments and ratings.


Give all staff access to employee services, even non-desk workers

Field workers often find it harder than their office based colleagues, to report in sick, or book holidays, purely because they can't access employee services.


Create a place where all your employees can access employee services even existing business systems.

Integrate existing
employee services

Plug in existing market leading solutions such as Workday, Cornerstone, Sodexo.

Build new
employee services

Talkfreely provides the tools to build bespoke employee services that can be accessed via the app.

SSO / OAuth / SAML

Protect company information while still making it simple for your employees to access, with single sign on.


The Talkfreely API and on-hand support team enable you to connect and integrate with other 3rd party solutions such as SharePoint.


Enable all employees to access company information

Often, field workers cannot access the same company information as their office based colleagues, leaving them reliant on their line managers for information.


Give field workers the same access to company information as their office based colleagues, with simple modules that will help them quickly find and access key documents and resources wherever they are.

Document library

Create an accessible resource of company information from terms of service to payroll information.


Easily find contact details for employees or a key document with a simple free text predictive search.

Update notifications

Ensure all staff are aware of new documents and updates with company wide update notifications.

Track usage

Find out what documents and information staff regularly access and use this information to inform future comms.


Create a collaborative culture where staff share ideas & practises

Employee ideas and operational best practises are hugely valuable, but without a mechanism to encourage sharing, the business as a whole misses out.


Talkfreely’s tools provide managers with a platform to share key information on, as well as a way to track employees.

Capture and develop
great ideas

With simple idea forms, employees can easily submit their thoughts and suggestions.

Create teams & groups

Encourage groups with dedicated business challenges to capture ideas and solutions.

of practice

Create communities where employees can collaborate and share best practices.


Manage employee ideas from conception through to delivery with idea workflows.


Monitor participation and proactively improve engagement rates

Often businesses struggle to see what impact their employee engagement initiatives are making which makes planning and provisioning new initiatives a challenge.


With Talkfreely's advanced measurement modules you can understand your workforce by using dashboards to compare how teams and divisions are interacting, dig deeper into stats with reports that collate module, post and employee performance and use this information to plan future engagement initiatives.


Monitor onboarding rates as you rollout your employee engagement platform.


Who is getting involved, what are they doing, what are they contributing, what are they reading?

Content analytics

Find out what content works and what doesn’t. Monitor news story reach, click through rates.

Employee Engagement

Monitor your eNPS score and keep track of employee engagement levels across your organisation.

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