Employee Communication for Local Government

Successful change and transformation programmes need internal communication channels that reach and engage every employee.

Do you have a workforce that’s hard to reach and difficult to engage?

In response to tighter financial constraints, acute demographic pressures and an evolving challenge to provide communities and residents with greater levels of choice and control over services - councils realise they need to change the way they operate.

And changing the way they operate means local authorities need to engage with different stakeholders - especially the front-line workforce responsible for implementing their change and transformation plans.

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Internal communication should play a pivotal role - aligning employees behind the 'changes', but in practice - workforce communication isn’t easy:

  • Dispersed workforce: council staff are dispersed across geography, shift patterns, services and directorates.
  • Digitally overlooked: a significant group - perhaps as many as 30% - operate without regular access to the corporate IT infrastructure.
  • Traditional channels: many councils rely on weekly newsletters, cascaded bulletins and noticeboards to influence staff in the modern era of digital media.

Predictably, local authorities have struggled to reach, engage and align employees - undermining change programme investments.

CASE STUDY How Talkfreely improved West Sussex County Council employee communication

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See Talkfreely in action

Talkfreely is a flexible super channel with multiple modules that can be configured and customised. So that councils can create a modern digital media channel for their entire workforce - quickly and easily.

With Talkfreely’s mobile app you’ll be able to:

  • Schedule company news bulletins
  • Organise regular pulse surveys
  • Create calendars and manage  events 
  • Use conversations to improve understanding
  • Highlight customer reviews 
  • Create notifications for real-time reminders
  • Measure using reports and dashboards
  • Create hubs for long-lasting information
  • Encourage recognition to support values
  • Customise menus and the home board
  • Personalise feeds using groups & users 
  • Manage ideas to promote Innovation
  • Create polls and surveys
  • Integrate with other apps and services
  • Brand in app or (option) build your own app

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