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Mobile employee intranet software
that connects all your employees

Take your employee intranet to the next level by making it mobile. Talkfreely’s employee intranet platform allows you to reach your employees wherever they are, transforming the traditional static intranet into a dynamic, engaging experience for every single employee.

By improving accessibility, you’ll gain traction across the entire company. A mobile intranet will help you connect with those hard-to-reach employees who have previously remained outside the communication loop.

With Talkfreely’s platform, it’s easy to keep your content up-to-date and relevant. Intranets have a bad reputation for being repositories of dated information, ignored and forgotten in the dusty corner of the internet. Our tools make sure that your information is always engaging, always relevant and always updated.

With personalised company branding to build on trust, our employee intranet is the ideal way to distribute information and share knowledge across the organisation.


everything you
need to know.

With so many potential benefits to both employer and employee, this eBook details everything decision-makers and business leaders need to know about internal communication.

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An employee intranet platform
that creates company-wide engagement

Accessible to every employee

A mobile intranet platform that puts the workplace in your people’s pockets


Strong brand identification

Company branding and personalisation makes for a platform that employees trust


Distribution of urgent information

Instant notifications give you the power to reach employees when it really matters


Employee feedback opportunities

A two-way feedback channel gives employees an opportunity to be heard


Measurable results

Integrated monitoring lets you track engagement levels within your organisation


Personal and valuable content

Relevant, up-to-date and personalised information to create instant engagement


“The TalkFreely app has helped improve, beyond recognition, the way we communicate with our 6000 strong workforce, many of whom are hard to reach. This has become even more evident over the last few weeks in our local response to the coronavirus crisis, helping us to get critical, time-sensitive information out to staff quickly and easily wherever they are across the county.”

William Hackett
Communications & Engagement Lead,
West Sussex County Council

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Making your intranet accessible to every employee

An employee intranet needs to be easily accessed by every employee in the company. If it fails to reach even a small section of your workforce, it has ultimately failed in its role as a reliable communication channel.


A mobile intranet that reaches seamlessly across your entire organisation, connecting with every employee.

Remove barriers

Allow employees to use their favourite means of communication, whichever device, app or platform they prefer

IOS / Android / Safari...

Optimise your reach with an intranet that is fully compatible with multiple operating systems

On the move

Offer a mobile solution that connects with employees wherever they are; at home, at work or on the road.

Promote equality

Circulate information across hierarchies, giving everyone the same message at the same time


Building trust with strong company branding

With so much information readily available, it’s essential to make sure employees can recognise official company content. Your employee intranet needs to reinforce a solid internal brand for maximum transparency.


By implementing personalised company branding, you can create clarity and trust for your employees.

Company colours

Reinforce your brand identity by using your company colour palette to personalise the employee intranet.

Customised app

Take the brand experience to the max with a fully customised app that delivers your complete company branding.

Home page

Bring it all together on an intuitive, personalised homepage that helps employees find the information they need

Company news

A dedicated company news channel, branded and personalised, will deliver a platform that employees can trust


Distributing urgent information without delay

A traditional intranet can be a static environment, lacking the immediacy of other company communications. When you need to contact your workforce with high priority updates, you need a channel that instantly delivers.


Your employee intranet should be proactive, with the capabilities to deliver information in the moment.

Push notifications

Send out push notifications that reach everyone at the same time, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing.

News channels

Make sure key information is seen by every employee with dedicated newsfeeds and communication channels.

Targeted messages

Send out direct messages to specific teams, create dedicated group conversations, or message the whole company.

Real-time feedback

Allow your employees to respond in real-time by providing feedback options on key communications.


Providing opportunities for employee feedback

Is your intranet giving employees a chance to speak up and be heard? All too often, an employee intranet can be a one-way channel. It conveys news and information but fails to deliver that all-important two-way conversation.


Offer your employees a platform that invites opinions and comments, and acknowledges their feedback.

Feedback channels

Make a variety of feedback channels available, ensuring every employee has the opportunity to be heard.

Social spaces

Provide a social platform for company discussions, where employees can meet, chat and share knowledge.


Encourage feedback between peers and colleagues by providing social tools to share and celebrate successes.

Employee innovation

Capture their ideas with an innovation platform where employees can post suggestions for the business.


Measuring and tracking your results

Is your employee intranet achieving the desired result? Unless you measure the impact of your internal communications, you won’t know if they’re succeeding. By tracking engagement levels, you’ll have a much clearer picture.


Keep a close eye on the impact of your communications with integrated monitoring and reporting tools.

Engagement surveys

Capture and evaluate employee engagement levels across the company by utilising the in-built survey module.

Employee pulse

Pre-schedule regular pulses and polls to ensure you are always listening and gathering a consistent stream of feedback.


Standardised measures such as eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) and Happiness Index will help you track loyalty levels.

Detailed reports

Examine your findings in detail by downloading reports and logs for external analysis and company reports.


Delivering content that is both personal and valuable

It’s worth remembering that employees have to choose to use the intranet. If the information you provide is not considered sufficiently relevant or interesting, or too complex to absorb, you can guarantee it won’t be read.


Your employee intranet needs to provide a range of information that is personalised to the employee and designed to engage.

Varied channels

Provide a dynamic blend of channels that provide information, share knowledge and encourage interaction.


Keep communications relevant by filtering content based on the groups and posts people follow.

Rich media

Make use of video and podcasts to create a more diverse experience for employees.

Social features

Incorporate elements of interactivity to encourage comments, shares, likes and connect with a wider audience.

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Everything you need to know about internal communication

With so many potential benefits to both employer and employee, our brand-new eBook details everything decision-makers and business leaders need to know about internal communication.

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More than just internal communications

Talkfreely is a flexible employee engagement platform used by organisations across the world to bring their people closer to the company.

Internal Communication

Maximise engagement across all levels of your business, connecting employees with leaders, departments and teams.

Employee Engagement

Successfully engage your employees with knowledge hubs, two-way communication channels and feedback surveys.

Innovation Management

Be thought driven and encourage your team to innovate with regular opportunities to consult and collaborate.

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