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Transforming the experience of hard to reach and frontline workers

It's time to bring your frontline employees into the digital workplace. Talkfreely provides organisations with a platform to communicate, share information and engage with frontline and remote teams.


A communication tool that connects senior managers with their frontline workforce.


An engagement tool that encourages feedback and participation from everyone.

Knowledge Management

A knowledge management tool that gets information into the hands of your employees.

A configurable platform that will meet your
employee communication needs

Connect and engage your employees with a comprehsive set of internal communications modules including messaging, alerts, innovation, recognition, news, surveys....

Technology to Reach



Create a real-time connection with every employee, even the hard to reach, on the devices they use the most.

Modules to Engage

Modules to


Leverage a comprehensive set of employee engagement tools and promote 2-way communication.


Analytics to


Proactively improve participation and engagement with advanced analytics modules and dashboards.

Engage your employees wherever they are,
on the devices they use the most.

Whether they are at work or at home, with Talkfreely you can confidently create a real time connection with all your employees. And with support for mobile, tablet and desktop, Talkfreely is accessible on the devices your employees use the most, even their own.

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Communicating during a crisis

Keep furloughed and remote workers engaged

Connect and reassure employees with a platform which helps keep morale, engagement, and productivity high.

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“The Talkfreely app has helped improve, beyond recognition, the way we communicate with our 6000 strong workforce, many of whom are hard to reach. This has become even more evident over the last few weeks in our local response to the coronavirus crisis, helping us to get critical, time-sensitive information out to staff quickly and easily wherever they are across the county.”

William Hackett
Communications & Engagement Lead,
West Sussex County Council

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Join the businesses that use Talkfreely to positively improve their employee experience, engaging staff to boost morale and improve customer satisfaction.



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