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The modular employee communication app

In an increasingly digital age, the workforce is no longer confined to the office – and organisations are having to adapt.

Talkfreely is a configurable internal comms app created to overcome the challenges of modern working practices and to rebuild company-wide communication.



Our Story

When we started out in 2005, we had a simple mission. We wanted to openly encourage and enable every employee to maximise their individual contribution. We wanted to help employers unlock the true, often hidden potential, of a disengaged and disconnected workforce.

Over the years the business has grown. We’ve extended the ways our customers can nurture the potential of their employees. But we’ve never lost sight of that simple mission: to provide the perfect internal communication app for employees to be heard, even if they are not seen.

Today, we work with a diverse range of national and international companies to make this happen, every single day.

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