The modular employee communication app

Plug & play, adaptable and with your branding

Most organisations won’t develop their own employee app. Even if they have the in-house resources, it’s time-consuming, expensive and painful to maintain.

Life’s too short! Businesses prefer to take a plug and play app that already works across smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Choose the modules you want, and then – over time – adapt the functionality to make sure it’s tailored to your processes, existing IT systems, and employees.

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Put your brand into the hands of your employees

Many businesses are happy to download the Talkfreely app from the app store, but want to tailor the look and feel of the app for their employees once the app is open. So called, In-app branding.

Some prefer to spend a little more and create their own customised app in the Apple and Android stores – helping their employees identify with their company’s brand from the start.

Branding options

  • Your own IOS & Android apps
  • In app branding
  • Your colours
  • Your home & start pages
  • Your legal boiler plates
  • Your own app logo
  • Your Domain