Communication for a connected workforce

Bringing your employees closer to your business

The modern workplace is increasingly digital and dispersed, making it harder to create meaningful connections with employees. To adapt to the modern workplace, an internal communication app provides a super-channel of communication methods. An app that allows you to create a connected workforce using the communication channels that suit the needs of your employees.

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Having an employee app provides your business with vital communication tools that your business needs to thrive. With Talkfreely, your organisation can create an app that not only facilitates communication but provides incredible business potential;

The laws of economics and many studies of diversity tell us that if we tapped the entire pool of human resources and talent, our collective performance would improve.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook

Internal communication is essential for success

Employee Engagement

Inspire, encourage and promote dialogue within and across your organisation. By developing the right conditions through communication, employees remain committed to the goals and values of the organisation.

  • Improves employee health and welfare
  • Reduces absenteeism and team spirit mentality
  • Good internal comms leads to better external comms
  • Higher profitability and higher sales

Shared Understanding

Let your employees feel connected the business. Creating understanding through company-wide knowledge can improve tasks, processes and overall performance. Staff don’t just turn up, they care.

  • Greater understanding of company goals and objectives
  • Increased support for change and company initiatives
  • ‘We’ mentality rather than us and them
  • Enhanced levels of trust mean greater satisfaction levels

Employee Retention

Internal communication gives people a bigger role in the organisation. An employee super-channel provides tools to show how employees and their work really matter to the business. When people feel valued, they stay committed.

  • Retention rates improve when employees are empowered
  • Employees feel good which filters through the organisation
  • Higher levels of motivation lead to higher productivity rates
  • Higher retention reduces recruiting & on-boarding costs


Create a more effective organisation by empowering your teams with business context and strategies. Using two-way dialogue through an employee app, the business can encourage motivation, changes and improvements.

  • Encourage employees to innovate through feedback
  • Focus efforts on important business challenges
  • Enable employees to connect in the way they want
  • Streamline processes through employee feedback


Knowledge is power. App-based content helps employees to empower themselves. Through push notifications for need-to-know information and resources for those actively wanting to find out more, the app can increase knowledge.

  • Improved health and safety records through regular updates
  • Better product knowledge to enhance customer service
  • Challenge visibility helps to improve employee adaptability
  • Knowledge provides a distinct competitive advantage


Your employees can be your biggest marketing draw. By putting the spotlight on your workforce through internal communication, you can promote your brand ambassadors. In turn, your brand ambassadors will deliver for the business.

  • Increased sales and better product awareness
  • Greater brand visibility and recognition
  • Improved marketing and positive brand communication
  • Admired workplace to aid recruitment drives

It’s the law!

It is a legal requirement to provide internal communication to your workforce for certain business matters. Make sure your business remains compliant, and your employees are always in the loop through the communication channels that they actually use.

  • Fully GDPR compliant app to follow legislation
  • A range of channels to communicate legislation effectively
  • Surveys and feedback to check understanding
  • Ensure legislation content has been received and actioned


Ensure your business remains competitive by utilising the people in the know, your creative workforce. By empowering employees to engage and innovate, they’ll feel valued, and you have the potential to get more from your employees, reduce business costs and create better value for your customers.

  • Unleash creativity to take your business to new levels
  • Improve quality and ways of working for better results
  • Focus employees on important business challenges
  • Enable collaboration to create amazing ideas