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Idea & innovation management software
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Develop a culture of innovation where employees create and shape ideas that contribute to the success of your business. Talkfreely's platform transforms the traditional suggestions scheme into a flexible process that balances engaging appeal with rigour and results.

Encourage incremental innovation to build on what you already do or continuous improvement to make existing processes and procedures more effective. Small changes can yield big returns.

Want to take things further? An exciting innovation management programme can produce radical change, taking you into new markets or even new industries. Employees who want to work for a successful organisation can come up with original solutions that break new ground.

Talkfreely's platform removes the pain of capturing ideas, sharing, discussing and rating them, and then implementing them. Our tools manage these processes and promote enthusiastic employee contributions.

35 Things you need to know

35 Things
You Need to
Know about Business Innovation and Idea Management

Many businesses were built on the back of a single great idea. Discover how to inspire and harness innovation among your employees, helping them to grow their ideas.

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We can solve the challenges of leveraging innovation within businesses.

The right type of innovation

Choose a flexible system to deliver an ideas interface that fits the business


Include every employee

Benefit from everyone's contributions no matter where they are, including remote and shift workers


Creating a culture of innovation

Support a successful culture through a respected sifting and shaping process
for ideas


Targeting the right people

Gain valuable suggestions through internal working groups and from the wider business environment


Capturing & shaping the best ideas

Ensure that good ideas are shaped
into great ones through open
feedback channels


Achieving measurable benefits

Use workflows, reporting modules and ideas banks to monitor returns on everyone's work


“The TalkFreely app has helped improve, beyond recognition, the way we communicate with our 6000 strong workforce, many of whom are hard to reach. This has become even more evident over the last few weeks in our local response to the coronavirus crisis, helping us to get critical, time-sensitive information out to staff quickly and easily wherever they are across the county.”

William Hackett
Communications & Engagement Lead,
West Sussex County Council

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Adopting the right type of innovation

Generating ideas and innovation that suit the company's objectives is important to achieve success. It is possible for the wrong type of innovation for a business to produce the wrong results and create disharmony.


An innovation platform that allows the business to create a tailor-made system for ideas

Service / product improvements

Identify ways to improve existing products & services to leverage competitive advantage

Cost savings / efficiency gains

Unlock productivity gains, cost savings and effectiveness to improve profitability

Seek out new products / services

Grow your business by identifying new products or services for your customers

Identify new market opportunities

Find new opportunities for existing products and services in fresh markets


Include every employee

Many businesses have complex workforce structures, making communicating with everyone more difficult. Consistent and inclusive messaging demands the right technology to overcome these logistical problems.


Talkfreely's platform allows the entire workforce
to get engaged and generate ideas

All systems - IOS/Android/Safari

Ensure your reach is maximised through a platform that is compatible with multiple operating systems

All platforms - desktop, tablet and mobile

Make it easy for employees to reach you by supporting the ways they use to connect

24/7 availability

Create a system that supports employees on different shifts and facilitates ideas generation at any time

Work and personal

Satisfy employee preferences by covering their work or personal phone, tablet or PC


Creating a culture of innovation

Cultural change can lead to barriers such as resistance to change, poor communication and low levels of collaboration. Managers need support to encourage staff to be part of an innovation culture.


An innovation platform that supports a strong culture
where the norm is to generate values from great ideas

Raising awareness

Improve employee understanding of and participation in business objectives through a far reaching news module


Motivate employees through management and peer recognition of their contributions


Create challenges and collaborative experiences to enable employees to produce and shape the best ideas

Employee voice

Support employees to express their views, make suggestions and feel that they have a stake in the success of the business


Targeting the right people

Introducing an ideas generation scheme needs focus to generate results. Senior management has the responsibility to target and connect the right groups of people.


Talkfreely provides the tools to garner ideas in different ways from stakeholders, both internally and externally

Building profiles

Learn your employees' skills and experience to understand how they can participate in addressing priority challenges

Internal groups

Use employee data to create collaborative groups that will produce timely and inspirational solutions


Extend your suggestions scheme to loyal and long standing customers to gain a different perspective

Suppliers and academic groups

Contact suppliers or academic institutions for a wider view of business challenges and opportunities


Capturing and shaping the best ideas

The quality of the innovation programme is critical to its success. Where a good sifting and shaping process will motivate and engage employees, a poor system will cause disagreement, unrest and competitive disadvantage.


An innovation platform ensures that ideas are gathered, shaped and funnelled through open feedback channels


Achieve focused innovation by asking staff to help you solve specific problems

Capturing ideas

Provide a user friendly
platform on which employees can submit their ideas
anytime, anywhere

Sifting and shaping

Get multiple sources of feedback through a robust ratings and review process


Shape an idea until it's right and keep everyone updated on its progress


Achieving measurable benefits

Innovation management needs to demonstrate a return on investment. Without robust monitoring and reporting, initiatives become nebulous and haphazard.


Talkfreely's tools make ideas banks, workflows and reporting easy to manage


Use workflows to progress an idea through the journey evaluation, planning
and delivery


Track results to ensure that ideas are implemented in a timely manner

Idea bank

Build a bank of ideas that can be accessed when the time
is right


Set tasks within the innovation process to keep momentum going and achieve progress

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With IOS and Andriod apps and cloud based desktop software, the Talkfreely platform is quick to deploy and maintenance free, leaving IT teams free to concentrate on other areas of your business.

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The big book of employee engagement ideas

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More than just innovation management

Talkfreely is a flexible employee engagement platform used by organisations across the world to bring their people closer to the company.

Employee Intranet

Talkfreely’s mobile employee intranet platform allows you to reach your employees wherever they are.

Employee Engagement

Successfully engage your employees with knowledge hubs, two-way communication channels and feedback surveys.

Internal Communication

Maximise engagement across all levels of your business, connecting employees with leaders, departments and teams.

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