New insight: Business innovation & idea management

Stuart Sinclair - January 14, 2020

Great businesses are built on great ideas. And they grow through innovation.

But gathering ideas and leveraging the creative power of your workforce is challenging. 72% of businesses admit to missing growth opportunities due to a lack of business innovation. At the same time, most businesses are dependent on innovation for their future success.

That’s where we come in. Not only does our Talkfreely app provide the perfect forum for idea management, our experts are here to share their insights.

In our comprehensive guide, we share the 35 things you need to know about business innovation and idea management. The topics we cover include:

  • how to generate action from ideas
  • the relationship between innovation and employee engagement
  • innovation processes
  • how to handle idea fatigue
  • … and much more!

30 ideas to engage your employees and transform your business.

Business innovation

The aim of business innovation is to gather as many ideas as possible and transform the seeds of invention into valued solutions. But how that definition is realised depends on the context of an organisation.

Employee driven innovation succeeds best when considered part of an employee engagement strategy. Employees who are not engaged are highly unlikely to contribute to your innovation initiative.

Idea management

Idea management is the process by which ideas are taken from idle thought to practical innovation. It sets a structured process for handling ideas, no matter where in the business they come from. Effective idea management allows you to drive change without being flooded with ideas. It helps you remain focused on your goals.

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