The Case for an Internal Comms App

Stuart Sinclair - May 5, 2017
Internal Communications

Internal communications. Easy to say, harder to do well.Every business leader wants internal communications to achieve the same goal - to

“Create an informed, engaged and connected workforce to drive organisational performance”. (IoIC)

The issue is how, when and also, why. Let’s start with the why.

  • Your employees are probably more dispersed than ever before. They may be out in the field, working from home, or in another time zone. They expect to get their information for a variety of sources, and access it across various devices.

  • Your employees’ expectations have changed - they want to be involved and consulted, to have two-way conversations with management, feel that their voice is heard and their contribution respected.

  • Most of all, your employees are not just one group. They are teams that need specific resources, individuals who are looking for particular information, as well as a group that want the latest company news.

What, who, when, where

Internal communications needs to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time - and make it easy to access. An internal comms app needs to be more than a news distribution system, messaging tool or information channel. It’s an internal communications solution that puts everything your employees need to know in the palm of their hands, 24/7, and enables them to share their news, views and ideas too.

Enterprise communication and team communication

Communication should not always be equal. Within a business, you need layers of communications that reflect the hierarchy. It’s important for employees to know what level of communication they are reading so they can respond accordingly. More linear solutions such as team messaging tools assume every message has equal weight. This is fine at team level, but much less desirable across an entire company. An enterprise communication app needs to organise information just as the employee wants it, so they can see at a glance what’s important for them.

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Sharing business news

At the heart of your internal comms strategy will be sharing news. In a world where news unfolds online in real time, you need a solution that delivers the news first. You need to create targeted news feed with video and media, and get real-time feedback from those it most affects.  

Social news and success stories

Not all news has to be major. You should share success stories and celebrate achievements that reinforce company goals and strategies. Or just share the social news that creates a sense of real community, and watch the Like rate rise.

Corporate updates and information

Training manuals, regulations, guidance documents - many are out of date the moment they are printed. Your app should inform employees of important changes direct to their app dashboard, and store the latest versions on vital guidance docs online for them to access anytime.

Consultations and surveys

If your internal communication strategy is just one-way, from manager to staff, you’re missing the point. An internal comms app should allows genuine two-way communication, between peers, between managers, across departments, from CEO to cleaner. Ask your employees for their opinions in surveys, their ideas through challenges, their involvement in projects, and their feedback on anything and everything. Gather actionable insights - and share what you’re doing as a result.

Management and access

Managing all that communication via different channels can be difficult and time-consuming. You will need the tools to manage, monitor and track all communications via one dashboard. Use real-time analytics and customisable reporting to see what subjects are trending, who is actively talking, and who is reading what, so you can tailor your internal comms strategy to meet their needs. 

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