Internal Communications App - An Essential Employee Portal to Your Business

Stuart Sinclair - December 4, 2017
Internal Communications

Today’s mobile workforce have high expectations of the internal communication solutions your business puts in place for them.

  • They want (and need) to access the information they need, and customise how they see it.

  • They’ll need to easily contact their colleagues, to collaborate and co-create with peers and management.

  • They’ll expect anytime anywhere access, that works on their own mobile devices.

For many employees, their main day to day contact with your organisation will be that app on their phone. They won’t be in an office five days a week, immersed in company culture, branding or ethics. They’ll be in home offices, their cars, client’s offices, with a myriad of diverse influences surrounding them.

That’s why the ability to customise, brand and integrate your own internal communications app is so important. It becomes the everyday portal to what makes your organisation unique; its culture, its people, its goals and aspirations.

Beyond Internal communications

At Talkfreely, we realised that most internal communications apps were just about, well, communication. They let employees talk, message, all the usual, but were often little more than a branded company directory.

We decided instead to create a internal communications platform that was an extension of your business, a mini office in their pocket, with all the work, social and admin elements they need to be part of the business, day to day.

Book a demo and discover how our modular internal communication app can  increase employee engagement at your company.

The Core of Talkfreely

At the heart of our app are Core features that enable you to configure, integrate and brand your app, to meet the needs of your business.


From the first click, your app needs to be branded just for your business, not the app developers. With TalkFreely you can customise our app in your brand colours, use logos, and change the home page (dashboard) to be relevant, engaging and interesting. When employees log in, they want to know they are part of a dynamic, interesting work environment. If the front page is always the same, then what does that say about your business?


Nothing turns employees off faster than loads of information on their app that is totally irrelevant to them. With TalkFreely, you can target content to particular employees, and build engagement faster and more effectively. Our app also includes Nudge Units functionality, so you can let the app do the work of showing each employee what’s relevant, and reducing the need for scrolling. As the icing on the cake, Talkfreely also supports content in over 30 languages, ideal for international businesses to share resources.


As a business, your data needs to be secure. Your employees need to be confident their information is secure too. Your customised Talkfreely app will be securely hosted at a Tier 3 data centre compliant to ISO 27001. 

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Don’t leave your employees to log in using their own (usual) passwords, or worry about security levels on their devices. With Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), your employees can be safely and securely identified through the use of an Active Directory. By suing SAML, there is no need for employees to type in their credentials, and they don’t need to remember their password either.

Integration with other apps

Your business may already use other solutions such as SharePoint and Yammer. Talkfreely integrates with these, so employees don’t have to sign into each independently. (Thanks to that SSO technology again).

Keeping private details private

How much private information should your Employee Directory reveal? With Talkfreely, your employees can build their own profiles, and read profiles of others in the business. But, (and it’s an important but) you can allow them to mask their personal contact details, to ensure employee privacy.

Upgrades from the app store

Hands up all those who love manually upgrading apps? Thought not. With Talkfreely, your business can use Android and Apple apps stores to make initial app downloads and subsequent upgrades a breeze. After all, why reinvent the app upgrade wheel when the apps stores do a great job already?

More than the Core

Every Talkfreely app comes with these features as standard. All you need to do is decide what else you’d like to add to meet your business needs. Talkfreely has a simple, modular structure, so you can simply pick the plan that helps you Inform, Listen and Engage with your employees. Whether you call it a comms app, employee app or engagement tool, Talkfreely is flexible, simple and affordable.

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