13 Fantastic Employee Engagement Ideas

Stuart Sinclair - January 14, 2019
Employee Engagement

Want a more engaged, productive and happy workforce? Then here are our top 13 employee engagement ideas that can get results and make a noticeable difference to your organisation. Start today with your internal communication strategy.

When it comes to employee engagement, there is no single method or style that works. Employee engagement isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and the best engagement will come from the strategies that take into account your unique brand, business and employees. So, if your employee engagement activities just aren’t quite hitting the mark, here are 13 of the best employee engagement ideas that can boost engagement, morale and staff satisfaction.

1. Create a stand-out internal communication strategy

The best way to build employee engagement is to begin with a well-coordinated and comprehensive internal communication strategy. Defining your internal communication strategy is essential so that you can hit the ground running and encourage engagement from the offset. Create a strategy and then consider your plan. What is the best way to achieve your strategy? It may require additional resources or consulting different departments to tailor the project and ensure a successful roll-out.

From there, your strategy needs to be effective in connecting everyone. In many businesses, there is usually a team or two that feel out of the internal communication loop. This could be as they work remotely, work offsite or are non-desk workers who don’t pick up emails as often as others. Make sure your strategy connects everyone and ensures no one misses out.

2. Include mentors

Assigning a buddy or adopting a mentor system in an organisation can be incredibly beneficial, especially for new starters, those who are struggling, or those who have the potential to excel in the organisation. Having some of your team members dedicate a small portion of their time to help others can be rewarding for both the mentors and the mentees.

A buddy system can help to create a cohesive environment, ensuring that no employee feels isolated or left behind. Again, there are multiple ways to deploy a mentor system, from face to face chats to app-based chatting.

3. Reward well

Some organisations think the best way to keep staff engaged is to reward them regularly. However, doing so, without a reason, can actually hurt engagement and productivity as it makes staff comfortable and complacent.

Instead, use rewards for jobs well done, and the progress employees make. When delivering rewards, make sure it is clear why employees are being rewarded. This way they’ll know how to keep delivering in line with expectations which can increase engagement.

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4. Master the on-boarding process

After hiring someone who seems a fantastic fit for an organisation, it can be disappointing when they don’t gel as well as they could. However, by creating a fantastic on-boarding process, you can help to make the induction as smooth as possible, and hopefully, new starters will quickly feel integrated into the organisation.

Having a new starters group in an email or app chat led by management can help new recruits ask questions when they arise. This means issues can be tackled quickly before the employee decides the organisation is not for them.

5. Give back

Relationships with charities and organising fundraising activities can be a fantastic employee engagement idea that can get everyone involved and passionate about the cause (or causes). There are so many ways that employees and organisation can get involved in philanthropy and it is well worth asking your teams their preferred way to get involved to maximise engagement.

6. Promote visibility

Don’t let hard work go unnoticed. Otherwise, your employees may be less inclined to deliver again. Instead, promote visibility of your staff. Simply putting a staff member’s name to a project can help to promote engagement, especially when they are thanked for a fantastic job. With digital platforms, it now becomes easy to tag employees and give them a mention.


7. Celebrate!

Employees shouldn’t just be recognised for a job well done, but for things that matter to them. Employee intranets can be used to wish staff members a happy birthday or to celebrate accomplishments whether it is passing an exam or running a marathon. Staff should always feel like they matter to an organisation to ensure they are as engaged as possible.

8. Empower employees

Employees will often have ideas on how to boost engagement, to ensure their voice is heard. To go above and beyond, allow your staff to dedicate time to their own employee engagement ideas and engagement projects.  By giving your staff the control, they not only engage in their preferred way, but it also saves you time and effort in engagement activities too.

9. Share news

Sharing organisational and industry news is probably something you offer as a marketing activity but perhaps neglect with employees. However, by sharing news your employees can feel part of your organisation and that they are involved in the bigger picture of the organisation rather than just their specific role.

10. Innovative health and wellness

Promoting health and wellness in an organisation is a wonderful employee engagement activity. You can take this further by creating fitness groups, such as putting everyone on a league for step-counting using a fitness band. You can even create a running club or partner with a local gym to provide a discount to employees.

Having a health focus not only increases engagement but can increase productivity, reduce lost working days as well as lowering stress.

11. Utilise motivational speakers

It can be hard to organise employee activities in-house especially if people work across multiple locations or work remotely. However, you can still engage staff wherever they are. By inviting speakers into the organisation, you can create videos that can be shared across your employee channels. Webinars, videos and transcripts can all help to engage staff and ensure they don’t miss out, even if they are not in the head office.


12. Give staff responsibility, not tasks

Staff like to feel like they have a purpose. Rephrasing their job to include responsibilities, rather than a task list, can help employees to feel like their work matters and gives them a drive. Most employees are goal-orientated and phrasing tasks to sound like goals can significantly increase engagement. 

13. Keep communication open

The best way to ensure engagement and to promote more employee engagement ideas is to ensure there are a number of communication channels that are all monitored so that employees can talk, share ideas and raise concerns. An employee app can be considered as a ‘super channel’ as this includes email, intranet, instant messaging, videos and much more.

Make sure you have the open feedback channels in place and encourage staff to share their thoughts regularly, whether through adding a comment to a conversation stream or a private message.

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